By Katie Posnanski

Age 7

My report is about a woman named Sarah who saved Thanksgiving.

Her whole name was Sarah Josepha Hale. She wanted to make Thanksgiving a national holiday so that people would get together with their families. She wrote thousands of letters for 17 years. She even wrote letters to five Presidents -- “Will you make Thanksgiving a National holiday.” Four presidents said: “No.”

But then, Abraham Lincoln agreed and said yes.

Sarah had five children. Her husband died after being very sick, and this made Sarah so sad that she wore black for the rest of her life.

Back then, girls did not go to school, so Sarah stayed home and learned how to read and write and sew from her Mom. She grew up to become one of the first girl teachers. She was also a writer. Sarah was the author of the poem “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Also, she was the editor of some of the most popular magazines for women.