October 17, 2012 11:27 PM

Pinch-Hitting A-Rod

A long Yankees post is coming, but sometimes it's important just to stop for a minute and make note of an absolutely amazing moment.Tuesday night in Detroit, with the game on the line, with the series on the line, with the season on the line, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi allowed Raul Ibanez to hit against a lefty when Alex Rodriguez was on the bench.Could you imagine those words being written even three weeks ago, much less six months or a year or two years ago?That's how far this crazy postseason has come. Let's throw a few numbers out there:How lefties have hit Phil Coke over his career: .233/.287/.336.How Raul Ibanez hit lefties this regular season: .197/.246/.246 with zero homers.Now, you could point out that the last time Ibanez faced a lefty reliever in a huge situation, he homered off Baltimore's Brian Matusz

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