Former Red Sox great Johnny Pesky died

Monday at age 92. (Getty Images)

*Later shortened to “Needle.”

Associated Press story

Pesky, apparently not expecting that sort of daring base running, had dropped his arm half way, watching Walker run toward second before he realized Slaughter was hot-footing home with the tie-breaking run. His peg to Roy Partee was too late as Slaughter topped off his magnificent heads-up running with a fine slide that scored a run worth $3,757.04 to each Cardinals share holder.

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When Culbertson’s peg reached Pesky at deep short, Slaughter actually was only rounding third. It simply did not occur to Pesky that Enos was going for the big one. He started to toss to second to cut down Walker, which he could have done, and then, too late, saw his mistake and made a quick, startled throw to Partee at the plate.

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