LSU’s Miles bemoans unbalanced SEC football schedule

When asked about the fairness of the Southeastern Conference’s football schedule, LSU coach Les Miles took another opportunity to talk about one of his favorite topics.

“I’d have to say there’s a repeated scheduling advantage and disadvantage for certain teams in this conference based on tradition and traditional matchups,” Miles said.

Take Alabama, for instance, one of LSU’s West Division rivals. While the two teams Alabama faced from the East last season — Tennessee and Missouri — went a combined 1-15 in SEC play last season, the two teams LSU drew from the East — Georgia and South Carolina — went a combined 14-2.

“I understand where Les Miles is coming from,” Saban said. “I coached at LSU. We played Florida every year, too. So if anybody understands it, I understand it.”

Saban, however, also added that the inherent limits that come with a 12-game regular-season schedule and a 14-team league, as a whole, make the notion of everyone playing everyone — which he dubbed the “only equal path to a championship” — impossible.

“Everybody doesn’t play everybody in the NFL,” Saban said. “You rotate your schedule. We have to rotate the schedule.

“The things that I think are important in scheduling is, A., I’ve been over this before, every player plays every team in the SEC in his career. That means you must play at least two teams on the other side. …

“So the only way to do that is play nine games.”