NCAA Tournament

Question of the day

How have you been able to play some of your best games against the best teams on your schedule?

“I feel like we’re just going out there and playing with no pressure, because we’ve passed every expectation everybody had against us, and I feel like when we go out there, we don’t have nothing to lose. All we’re doing is adding on to a good season we’ve already had. And we want to continue to play well and go out … and play with no pressure. And that’s what we’re doing.”

| Travis Releford

“We all like each other. And we knew we were gonna have a fun season. And even though we lost a couple games early with Duke and Kentucky, we learned from those, and we grew closer as a team. And I think that shows right now.”

| Jeff Withey

“Just having different learning situations and experiences that we went through as a team. The losses that we took. Just over the year, we got better.”

| Thomas Robinson