NCAA Tournament

K-State's epic win will be hard to beat

Kansas State's 101-96 win over Xavier at EnergySolutions Arena on Thursday was so entertaining, so incredible and so epic that you could call it "the greatest game I've ever seen," without fear of disagreement.

Denis Clemente willed K-State to victory in the second half. Jordan Crawford refused to let Xavier lose. Jacob Pullen hit some game-altering three-pointers for the Wildcats. Terrell Holloway played 47 minutes of clutch basketball for the Musketeers.

Both teams were impressive, and that's what made the game so great.

The madness went on for nearly three hours and two overtimes, and as play went deeper the reactions got bigger.

Exuberant CBS announcer Gus Johnson stood up multiple times during his call and hopped around with excitement. Everyone in the arena -- including crushed Syracuse fans -- were on their feet after all the huge plays. At one point, the officials all looked at each other in disbelief and shook their heads. They couldn't believe what they were witnessing either.

And I hear that's nothing compared to what went down in Aggieville last night. A friend called to say he could hear the cheering from around Bramlage Coliseum.

K-State players/coaches/alumni/fans everywhere deserved to celebrate.

The Wildcats advanced to the Elite 8, where they will play Butler on Saturday, for the first time since 1988 and have a great shot of reaching the Final Four.

The Bulldogs will pose a challenge, and that game could be fun too.

But it won't top this one. How could it?