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KU's Bill Self speaks on what his involvement will be with school's AD search

KU's Bill Self
KU's Bill Self File photo

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self expects to be involved with the school's search for a new athletic director following the firing of Sheahon Zenger last week.

Because of a busy schedule that includes coaching USA Basketball's Under 18 team over the next month, though, Self says his feedback is likely to come from afar.

"I think there'll probably be a lot of movement on (the search) as far some preliminary work and that kind of stuff probably during the time in which I'm not around," Self said. "But certainly, yeah, I would do anything that the chancellor asks of me to do. And certainly, I do hope that I'm somewhat in the know on what's going on."

Self reaffirmed Tuesday that he is not on KU's search committee. He has, however, had discussions in the last week as the school begins to narrow in on candidates.

"It's preliminary. It's still early, and certainly the conversations I've had is more of, 'What type of person, what type of strengths — those sorts of things — would be best for our school at this time?'" Self said. "But as far as names, things like that? No, I don't believe there's been near as much discussion on that as what some people would think. But I'm sure that's going to get hot and heavy soon."

Self has only worked for two athletic directors during his 15 years at KU: Lew Perkins from 2003-10 and Zenger from 2011-18.

When asked about the type of attributes he'd like to see from the next athletic director, Self said he'd rather not comment on that because he won't be making the final call.

"I would say obviously, the goal is to hire the best person that we possibly can that certainly fits KU and some of the things that need to be done here," Self said. "But I would rather let a chancellor or the committee speak to that point (desired attributes) rather than having a guy that's not as directly involved doing it."

University of Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger was fired after seven years with the department, KU chancellor Douglas Girod announced May 21, 2018. Girod commented on the firing later Monday in Kansas City.