University of Kansas

To help charity, Bill Self will go 'over the edge' of seven-story Lawrence building

Kansas coach Bill Self lead his team through a recent practice.
Kansas coach Bill Self lead his team through a recent practice.

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self will rappel down the seven-story 888 Lofts building on Aug. 25 in Downtown Lawrence as part an “Over the Edge Global” fundraising event for Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, the club announced Wednesday.

Self, KU’s 15th-year coach, and other fundraisers will descend the building, located at 888 New Hampshire, along with other participants who must raise $1,000 to secure a rappelling position.

Those interested have between now and the event day to raise the funds to enjoy a day of rappelling.

“I’ve never scaled a building or bungee jumped or done anything that is remotely comparable to what we’ll be doing on this day,” Self said in a release. “But I’m excited and it’s for a good cause. Hopefully it will generate a lot of interest from a lot of people.”

Self, 55, and his wife, Cindy, have supported the Boys and Girls Club for many years, the organization stated in its Wednesday release.

“I participated actively in the Boys and Girls Club in Oklahoma City when I was young,” Self said. “With coaching, I’ve seen so many players, especially from the inner cities that were involved — and in many cases saved — by the efforts of Boys and Girls Club. It’s something that is very near and dear to us.”

Since 2008, Over The Edge Global has helped non-profits raise more than $70 million and put 52,000 fundraisers safely “Over the Edge” in rappelling. A similar event took place in September of 2015 in Topeka for the Kansas Children's Discovery Center.

There is no age requirement for the rappellers, according to the website for the event. No experience rappelling is required. Participants must be between 100 and 300 pounds.