All-star week | Music

Pop music is busting out all over during All-Star Week in Kansas City.

Here are three shows tailor-made for anyone who likes sweet melodies in their everyday lineup.

Beach House


Wild Nothing

, July 10 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. Tickets are $19 and $24. Beach House is a twilit-pop duo from Baltimore: vocalist Victoria Legrand who sings over beds of lush instrumentals laid down by Alex Scally. To lots of high-praise reviews, the band just released “Bloom” on Sub Pop Records. Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum, formerly of the Virginia bands Jack and the Whale and Facepaint. He writes bright, dreamy pop tunes. Live, he brings a three-piece backup band.

Jukebox the Ghost


Savoire Adore


Now, Now

, July 11 at Riot Room, 4048 Broadway. Tickets are $10: A high-energy piano/guitar/drum trio from Philadelphia, Jukebox the Ghost

,2012/5/18/14/43/18,Frese/c David>write bright and catchy pop tunes that

invite comparisons to Ben Folds Five. Savoir Adore is the indie-pop duo Diedre Muro and Paul Hammer, son of keyboardist/ composer Jan Hammer. They ,2012/5/18/14/43/33,Frese/c David>, who

tour with a backing three-piece band. Now, Now is an indie-rock trio from Minneapolis that recently released the album “Threads” on Trans Record, owned by Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie. Speaking of which...

Death Cab for Cutie with Maps Atlases,

July 8 at Crossroads KC. Tickets are $40 and $46.50. Death Cab is a longtime indie-rock titan that hasn’t lost much of its appeal. This show was originally scheduled at Liberty Hall, capacity of 900-plus. It was soon moved to Crossroads, a venue with more than double that capacity. For other shows on this tour, they’ve enlisted the help of the string octet Magik*Magik. From a review of an April show in Toronto: “A career retrospective perfectly designed for those who would appreciate it most.”

| Timothy Finn,