KC runner pushes button, but nothing happens

The problem

When Tina Aspegren goes running, she often heads west on Bannister Road from Missouri into Kansas.

“Lately, when I try to cross at the State Line intersection, the ‘walk’ signal does not appear even when I have pushed the button to cross,” the Kansas City resident said. “What gives? I hate to keep breaking the law by running across when I don’t have a crossing signal!”

The answer

The city of Leawood found a problem with the equipment and wiring of the signal controller, says public works director Joe Johnson. A contractor has been asked to fix it.

“Once the work is complete, we are going to inspect it to make sure it works during the time frame the runner is using it,” he said.

The Watchdog says Leawood is following a maxim we all learn in elementary school: Always check your work.