Get Swing Fit

Improve your golf game and get in shape at The Golf Stable in Overland Park

Most golf swings last for less than two seconds. But during that time, a lot of things have to go right—with your body and with your mind—in order to gain power on the green.

SwingFit is a physical-training series dedicated entirely to helping athletes develop functional movement patterns, mobility and strength as it relates to their golf game.

Throughout the month-long program, SwingFit participants are led by coaches Kevin Ward and John Rowley through four 90-minute training sessions built on exercises that improve posture, swing fundamentals, speed and flexibility. At the end of every session, each participant receives a 30 to 90-second take-home video containing instruction for working out some part of their body or swing before the next class.

Consider a golfer whose swing is suffering. Ward and Rowley may start by leading him or her through a series of Bag Hits, a golf drill that tests the player’s speed and power at impact and allows coaches to identify where the power is coming from and make necessary adjustments on the spot. If the assessment is that the swing is hampered by limited flexibility, they may prescribe daily execution of the Windmill Rotation Stretch.

During this exercise the player will exaggerate their golf swing by getting in hip flexion (hands on the floor), and then rotating one arm at a time to create rotation of the upper back. “This targets thoracic rotation,” explains Ward, “as well as improves hip mobility and hamstring flexibility.” The result? A bigger backswing.

“People who play professionally often have a trainer, a nutritionist and a swing coach all coordinating with each other about how to get their player better,” notes Ward when describing the value of a holistic training approach.

Ward coaches from real-life experience; before he was an instructor (who daylights as a wealth consultant at Mariner Wealth Advisors), he was a collegiate-level and professional golfer—backed by the thoughtful and well-rounded instruction he’s so passionate about delivering today.

SwingFit is open to golfers of any skill level. The cost of four 90-minute training sessions is $250. Visit or call 913-269-1300 to sign up for the March or April series.