Water Works

If your summer workout routine is feeling dry and dull, just add water. “The physical properties of water add benefits to aquatic fitness classes that are not found in land-based classes,” says Susan Pomeroy, an instructor at the Lawrence Indoor Aquatics Center. “Water provides continual resistance to the body, as opposed to land fitness classes where resistance needs to be added with external equipment.”

Here are two recommended by Pomeroy to try this summer.

1. Aqua HIIT

“Aqua HIIT stands for Aqua High Intensity Interval Training, and the purpose of HIIT training is to work very hard in shorter periods of time to raise the heart rate, rest for a period of time and then do it again. HIIT training is for people who want to challenge themselves to work very hard. This level of exercise not only challenges the body but also the mind. Participants often comment Aqua HIIT is the class they sometimes dread coming to after work—but it’s the class they always love when they finish it and head home.”

2. Aqua Stretch Fusion

Aqua Stretch Fusion targets flexibility, balance and core strength—all equally as important as what we generally call “cardio” workouts. “Stretch” type classes are no less important than HIIT classes. They are simply different and, in fact, they are complementary to each other.”

If you can’t make it to class, try one of these four personal training exercises (recommended by Pomeroy) during your next pool day.

1. Water walking is a fantastic way to build core strength. Walk with arms swinging as if on land; walk with hands on hips; and with arms held straight out at your sides or held straight overhead. Walk for a total of 30 minutes, shifting arm positions every 30 seconds.

2. If you have a ramp or stairs at the pool, walk, jog or run up and down the ramp. As you do, stand up tall and hold the railing only if you have to.

3. Walking isn’t the only way to move at the pool. Remember what it felt like to skip? Go ahead! Skip for three to five minutes, walk a bit, and then skip some more.

4. Doing squats with your back to the pool wall, in shallow water, is a great strength exercise. Be certain to keep your back and palms against the wall. Once you feel comfortable with wall squats, progress to squats with alternating leg lifts.

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