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Tavern in the Village

The Short-Rib Burger at Tavern in the Village.
The Short-Rib Burger at Tavern in the Village.

Take a bite out of the new food offerings at Tavern in the Village.

Prairie Village’s local eatery is celebrating its 5th year in The Village Shops, and has since added 14 new items to their menu. Here’s a breakdown of four of the new dishes, including a new appetizer and a few mouthwatering sandwiches:

Chipotle BBQ Pig Wings

The newest addition to the restaurant’s appetizer menu is the crispy Chipotle BBQ Pig Wings, which are tossed in a house-made chipotle sauce. The wings are $13 and offered for lunch and dinner.

Short-Rib Burger

The short-rib burger, priced at $14, is available for lunch and dinner and features Tavern’s signature hamburger patty topped with braised barbecue short rib, Swiss cheese, red onion and chopped pickle.

Salmon Club

The $14 Salmon Club is a lunch-only dish. It combines grilled fresh salmon, crispy bacon, sliced tomatoes, spring mix, and dill aioli on a toasted egg bun.

Santa Fe Chicken Club

The Santa Fe Chicken Club features ancho seasoned with black bean puree, shredded lettuce, charred corn salsa, queso fresco, and chipotle aioli on an egg bun. The sandwich costs $9 and is only available during lunch hours.