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Spices Asian Restaurant

If you plan it right, your return from the great Up North could get you back in time for lunch or dinner at Spices Asian, the new pan-Asian establishment by restaurateurs David and Jessi Chouang. Located at 2417 Burlington Ave. in North Kansas City, the new enterprise features authentic Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian and Chinese food as well as a collection of some of the greatest hits of Asian and Asian-American cuisine. Their recipes, techniques and understanding of the Midwestern palate were developed at their first restaurant, Bangkok Pavilion, which has been open for more than 20 years at Windmill Square in Overland Park. Both restaurants feature a delicious hodgepodge of popular dishes like pho, pad Thai, General Tso’s chicken and various curries that can be prepared in their “authentic” fashion specific to regions of Southeast Asia (generally more intensely flavored, and upon request), or in an Americanized version for those with palates unaccustomed to stronger flavors. For more information visit (yes there are two “n”s in the web address) or call 816-221-0981.