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Neighborhood Cafe

Five dishes to try at the new Waldo restaurant, opening Thursday

Neighborhood Cafe‘s second location in Waldo opens Thursday at 6 a.m. at 7531 Wornall, next to Lew’s Bar and Grill. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will be open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Locally owned, Neighborhood Cafe is known for its signature cinnamon rolls, as well as their all-day breakfast options and fruit pies.

If you’re in the mood to eat something new this week, here are five dishes to try at the cafe:

Cinnamon Rolls

Any Neighborhood Cafe regular will tell you there’s one dish that’s a must at this restaurant, and it’s free of cost. The cinnamon rolls served at Neighborhood Cafe are complimentary, and are often served as an appetizer to your meal. They’re chewy, fresh and sweet without overwhelming your taste buds and still leave room in your appetite for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Country Breakfast Burrito

As one Yelp reviewer wrote, this breakfast dish is “everything you could ever hope for in a breakfast burrito.”  Packed with bacon, sausage, ham, onions and hashbrowns, the burrito is nothing short of flavorful and filling. Neighborhood Cafe’s homemade gravy accompanies the entrée and is served all day.

Neighborhood’s BLT

The classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich gets an upgrade with a fried egg and American cheese on top. The sandwich comes with Neighborhood Cafe’s signature house-made chips, which is the perfect complement.

Country-Fried Steak Sandwich

A perfect Southern meal, served right in the Midwest. Neighborhood Cafe’s open-faced sandwiches are served all day beginning at 11 a.m., and are worth every calorie. The country-fried steak sandwich comes smothered in cream gravy and is served on Texas toast. Add mashed potatoes and more gravy for a meal that will leave you more than full.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

It’s hard to go wrong with a grilled cheese, especially when you add bacon and tomato in the mix. Neighborhood Cafe’s version includes American and Swiss cheese and is served on Texas toast.