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The Great Indoors

Kansas Citians can enjoy camping from the comfort of the indoors with Crown Center’s new summer program

If camping outside isn’t your cup of tea, Crown Center’s Sheraton Hotel might have the solution for you.

Think the best camping has to offer, but in the comfort of an air conditioned hotel room with

The Sheraton’s new summer program, “The Great Indoors,” gives kids and adults alike the opportunity to “camp” indoors. For $49 a night, the hotel provides a sleeping bag, a tent, a director’s chair and campfire treats to make sure each guest’s stay is a sweet success.

The hotel’s pastry chef Deepal Patal created a signature S’more Cupcake for the indoor campers, who can also head home with the recipe to recreate the “camping” experience.

The cherry on top? A glass of chocolate milk to wash down the dessert before the lights go out.

(Did we mention the absence of  mosquitoes and sunburns?)

Guests can book rooms for “The Great Indoors” here.