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Obsessed: Carol Espinosa of Freedom Interiors can’t get enough locally brewed kombucha

The next time you walk into Freedom Interiors, a Kansas City office furniture company, you might find a new drink on tap. Workplace designer Carol Espinosa has become obsessed with locally brewed kombucha tea.

Espinosa loves thinking outside the box. She offers clients virtual reality tours of their office spaces before they’re built. She listens to podcasts two to three hours a day. And her 72-pound lap dog, Ginger, is the official greeter at Freedom Interiors.

So when she heard about the health benefits of a fizzy, fermented tea called kombucha, she tried to like it — she really tried.

“It is made with fungus — you kind of grow this mushroom in the liquid and it ferments. I have had tons of different kombucha. It always tasted a little bit funny to me, but I really wanted to like it,” Espinosa says.

Then she came across Scoby Master Tea-Biotics. The kombucha brand is made locally. It is organic, vegan and gluten-free. To Espinosa, it tastes just right.

She calls the tart, fizzy kombucha “the most delicious drink I have ever had in my whole life.”

OB_Carol Espinosa_LR

Espinosa now finds her herself stocking up on the stuff six bottles at a time and trying to get it free-flowing in her showroom.

Freedom Interiors already offers local ciders and beers for customers to try out right after meeting Ginger — so Espinosa says they shouldn’t be surprised if her favorite locally crafted kombucha obsession is soon on tap, too.