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Kusshi Rises Again

If chefs had theme songs, Chef Joe West’s would be Lynard Skynard’s Free Bird. The talented chef has made his exit from his position of executive chef of Bread and Butter Concepts’ Stock Hill Steakhouse after a little more than a year. His amicable separation was announced on Facebook, and he immediately dove back into his pop-up, Kusshi, which has reached cult status amongst Kansas City gourmets.

“I want to provide an opportunity for people to have joy and happiness. My mission with Kusshi is to bring a whimsical approach to dining and the only way to have my full attention to create those moments is to step away and focus on my own concept. Kusshi is a Japanese word for ultimate and precious, and I intend to provide that kind of an experience,” says West.

West is offering Kusshi pop-ups twice a month going forward. Reservations are now open for dinners on November 6th and 20th. But book soon; reservations fill up fast. Find out about the latest on Twitter


A Bagel For You and a Bagel For You…

Kansas City has quickly gone from a town where you couldn’t find a decent New York style bagel to one where you can find one in multiple areas of the city, all thanks to the dedication and rapid expansion of Meshuggah Bagels. The newest location at Liberty Commons is opening in November.

The new site will be the third location, but not the last, as owners Pete and Janna Linde eye the fourth spot for springtime in 2018. Until then, Northlanders can dig into their standard menu as well as some new additions. Along with their scratch-made cream cheese schmears and seafood options, which are all flown in fresh from New York on a regular basis, the Liberty location will feature a new smoked turkey option as well as Pesto Parmesan Ham.

Messenger Coffee and Ibis Bakery Open Headquarters for Carb and Caffeine Lovers

Three stories is a lot of space for a coffee shop, but when you’re expanding and focused on training and wholesale, like Messenger Coffee is, you know that you’ll fill it. The historic four-story building located at 1624 Grand has been gutted and reborn as a place for coffee lovers and carb lovers alike.

The space offers a different experience on each floor, with the ground floor offering not only a coffee shop but also the second location of Ibis Bakery. The bakery will utilize one of the country’s only in-house flourmills for fresh ingredients for each loaf. The second floor will house the Messenger Coffee roasting facilities, as well as a place for training, coffee cupping and tasting classes.

The third floor will feature a meeting and reading room as well as an outdoor rooftop deck, complete with fireplace. With views of the city, the rooftop will be a great place to kick back and relax with a slice of artisanal toast from Ibis and a cortado from Messenger.

The building presents the opportunity for Messenger to deepen their loyal customers’ understanding of their favorite beverage as well as to enjoy the historic building in all its glory. The renovation has been completed in cooperation with Boor Bridges Architecture and DRAW Architecture and retains its post on the National Historic Register.