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An Interview with the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the Property Brothers to faithful HGTV fans, have had a long career buying, selling and renovating homes. Their success on the home network has amounted to six different series, a line of home goods for QVC, and Dream Home, a book about finding and fixing the perfect house.

The famous twins are headed to Kansas City March 17-19 to headline the Greater Kansas City Home Show, where they will be meeting with fans and taking questions from audience members. Before they make their way to the Midwest, we caught up with the brothers to see what they have planned for their K.C. appearance.

You guys are coming to Kansas City in March for the Greater Kansas City Home Show. Have you been to the area before?

D: Yeah over the years, once or twice, but our schedule is so crazy that sometimes it’s hard for us to explore and get to know the city. We have a strong fan base there, though, so we’re excited.

From the show’s Facebook page, it seems everyone’s begging you to come to their city next. Do you guys try to make your way around the U.S. as much as possible?

D: We always have, right from the get-go. We shot season one of Property Brothers in Toronto and season two was in Austin. We hit a new city every three months. It’s pretty busy, so we jump back and forth. I only get home to Vegas two to three times a year—I think my home is my suitcase. But I love the diversity of jumping around. It’s so much fun to see the different types of properties the different homeowners.

Casual fans probably know you as the Property Brothers, but you guys also entered into the country music scene recently. Is that something you’ve always been passionate about?

D: We grew up on a ranch, so we were cow kids right from the get go. We used to sit around the campfire on the weekend, so when we filmed Home on the Ranch, it was a throwback to how we were as kids. It was something for fun for us. And one of our songs Billboard charted, and we thought “Wow, our fans seem to love it.” It’s just so much fun, so when we go to Nashville to film, we’re going to be collaborating with some other artists. Everyone has just been so supportive.

Is that something you see yourselves doing more of?

D: I can definitely assure you we will not be stopping the shows and touring with Justin Bieber. The fans have responded well to it, but it’s something to just complement what we have going on. We were actors as kids, we love television, and we also love helping homeowners, so our show is a blend of what we love the most.

Most fans know Jonathan as the design expert, but how has sense of style developed for both of you throughout the years?

J: I went to college for construction and design, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Drew knows what goes into a good design. There really is a lot from both us that we bring toward our Scott Living collection. Drew is very much a minimalist and loves that clean, contemporary aesthetic. I like that elegantly eclectic style, something you can jump in and be comfortable in.

D: Call it my OCD. If you every need a closet or a garage organized, I’m your man. I am the organization guru.

You’ve been in the real estate and renovation industry for 15 years. How has it changed over time? It seems like home renovation has become really popular for fans and viewers of networks like HGTV.

D: The popularity of flipping has risen and fallen and risen again. When we started, we were doing it before it was popular and then it really started taking off. Back then, people liked smart-home living but weren’t willing to pay for it. Now there are more cost-effective options. Also the functionality of space is more important now—people aren’t looking for the most massive home on the block.

What are some of the behind-the-scenes, less glamorous moments fans don’t see on the show?

D: Blowing you nose for three days and still having black stuff come out of it. Jonathan does all the heavy construction for Buying and Selling, but on Brother vs. Brother, I get in there and do the dirty work.

Watching you guys help people buy and renovate homes is really inspiring, but I think a lot of homeowners are intimidated to take on projects of their own. What are some small things they can do to update or change a space?

J: That’s the one great thing about the live appearance we’re doing, is we’re allowing people to ask questions about that. It’s all about getting organized and doing your research. You can hop on the Internet and find more information. Education and organization are key—you want to get yourself set up for success.

D: When we do our appearance, we’re going to do a Q& A session with fans and do a book signing. Our book has so much information—we started renovating in the mid-90s so it has everything we’ve learned over the years.

J: The book really lays it out, the steps. That is what our book was about—not how to install a backsplash, but the big-picture questions you need to answer to save yourself a headache while renovating. Our shows are not about doing everything DIY— they’re about understanding your limits and letting professionals come in and do the job.

Anything else you’d like to say to the fans who are coming to the Greater Kansas City Home Show?

Bring your phones, because you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures of us and we’re going to get really social. Bring your questions, bring your foghorns, it’s going to be a fun time. Any time we come to a city, we always break records, so get your tickets now if you don’t have them already.