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Sara Noble’s Obsession

Interior designer Sara Noble is drawn to the color of universal hope and love

Pink, in its varying shades, isn’t just for little girls’ rooms anymore. Yes, it still represents youthfulness, but also happiness, romance and confidence within formal spaces and tranquil places. Next time you want to re-energize your living room, start with a touch of pink, suggests designer Sara Noble.

With a little direction, this multipurpose color can be added almost anywhere. “Pink is versatile, but it depends on the situation for the appropriate amount,” she warns.

A soft pink can bring warmth and elegance into a bathroom, while pink accents in chairs and pillows, or even an accent wall, help create a youthful living or dining room. Same goes for the kitchen—think accessories, anything from a canister to a vase to utensils or towels. But almost any bedroom is open for interpretation in the pink department. Need more inspiration?


OB_SaraNoble_tray Venezia lambswool plaid throw and pink tray available on Noble’s website.

“I wrapped my laundry room in Benjamin Moore’s Bridal Pink for a soft backdrop that contrasts with black cabinetry and vintage equestrian black-and-white photos,” Noble says. “For my bathroom, I have gold wallpaper, a marble counter, raw steel for the vanity base, and a blush ceiling and hand towels.”

The Flower Power Pixie rug from the Knotty Rug Co.
The Flower Power Pixie rug from the Knotty Rug Co.

To test the pink waters—or add pizzazz to an overly neutral room—start small by bringing in subtle home decor or an abstract art piece with pink highlights. Or, because it’s the start of a new year, throw caution to the wind and buy that vibrant pink sofa you’ve had your eye on. There’s no better time than the pretty pink present.