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Side Tables

Spruce up any room with a stunning side table that’s much more than its function


In form and function, the vintage ’70s pencil-reed bamboo side table is an architectural must-have that only gets better with age. $795 at Coveted Home on the Country Club Plaza.


The delicate Natalia Arabesque side table seems to defy gravity with a chain pedestal base holding up its marble top. $1,979, available at Madden-McFarland Interiors.


The Porter side table shows off simple, clean lines and a leather strap detail. Think modern condo or industrial loft. $499 at Plus Modern Design in the Crossroads.


Made of solid metal, this contemporary table commands a strong presence in any space. $725 at Trapp & Company.


Bring a little ombre bronze into your living space in the form of the Park side table. A super chic addition, it’s also made in the U.S. $1,100 at barbaracosgrovelamps.com.