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Angela Becker turns her Overland Park kitchen from builder grade to bright and cheery

In preparation to renovate her Overland Park kitchen, Angela Becker was scrolling through Craigslist when she saw a post from Roth Living. The showroom was relocating from Lenexa to the Country Club Plaza and was getting rid of their displays in the process.

That’s when Becker hit the jackpot. She headed to the store’s closeout with tile in mind, but left with an unexpected bargain.

“I saw signs on the cabinets saying you could make an offer for the displays,” Becker says. “I knew they were really high-end, and I was like ‘There’s no way I can afford these.'”

Becker was shocked when an employee set the price for the entire display, concrete countertops included, for just around $500. She later left with a U-Haul full of unique yellow cabinets, perfect for the vision of hew new kitchen.

IMG_0022 The kitchen before
The kitchen before The kitchen before

“I thought they were really cheery, because it’s really dark in here,” Becker says. “I wanted something really light anyway, but I didn’t want white because my husband is kind of a messy cook.”


Becker not only put new cabinets, countertops and appliances in, but also reconfigured the space so her husband could have more room to cook. The reconfiguration included removing an island and chopping it in half to create more counter space in the center of the kitchen.

“We took a buffet from my dining room and pieced them together,” Becker says. The couple bought a countertop from Ikea, and combined the old island and the buffet with the help of Becker’s dad, a retired contractor.


The couple also added a coffee bar in the corner of the room, complete with a chalkboard wall for Becker to draw on.

“I saw something similar to that on an HGTV show,” Becker says. “My husband and I were watching it together, and he was really jealous of it. I thought, ‘Oh, we can do that.'”


“I like to change things up a lot — nothing ever stays the same around here so chalkboard paint works great for me,” Becker says.


Becker describes her decorating style as French country, and finds inspiration from Pottery Barn’s classic designs as well as home decor shows and magazines.


“I don’t like anything that’s super matchy or sleek,” Becker says. “I’ve always liked more of a collected look. I want it to be comfortable and look like it’s been collected over the years.”

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