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Art and accessories add a punch of color to the rooms of a Fairway Cape Cod home

It is difficult not to love the charm of Fairway’s Cape Cods. It’s delightful, too, to see how homeowners take the traditional floor plan and make it their own. Chris and Amy Jo Cosgrove have been putting their stamp on theirs for the last 10 years. The couple immediately fell in love with the house.

“I loved it the minute we walked in the door,” Amy Jo Cosgove says. “We were moving from Los Angeles, and as soon as I saw it I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’”

She and Chris were delighted with the space and the light and, of course, the affordable Midwestern price.

While they’ve lived in the house for 10 years, “It’s only in the last few years that we’ve really pulled it together,” she says.

The couple has, after all, been busy. Chris works for Martin Logan, a high-end speaker company, and when they moved to Kansas City, Amy Jo took on the role of director of sales and marketing for her mother-in-law Barbara Cosgrove’s eponymous designer lamp company.

“I had worked in the entertainment business in Los Angeles, and this was my first contact with the design industry,” Cosgrove says. “I loved what she did, and I knew I could sell the product. It was a breath of fresh air.”


Cosgrove fell in love with lamps for the same reason her mother-in-law did—“They can transform a room”—but she also connected with the business and the people who are drawn to it. The late decorator Benjamin Sundermeier was a big influence on her.


“Ben taught me a lot about design. He showed me how to build a living room around chairs so people can really talk to one another. And he inspired me to enjoy original art.”


Amy Jo and Chris have benefited from Barbara Cosgrove’s talent.

“We are so lucky that Barbara has let us have some of her pieces from art school,” Cosgrove says.



The couple has a few of Barbara’s pieces from her graduate studies at San Diego State.


“I beg, borrow and steal them,” says Cosgrove. But their home is not a one-woman show. “Anne Austin Pearce is a friend, and we are so happy to have a few of her pieces.”


It is primarily the art that adds color to their home. Paintings, photography, prints all jump against the Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan walls. (“That was a Ben Sundermeier color, too,” notes Cosgrove.) Though they are not the only items that make the home distinct. The couple has uncovered interesting items at places like the River Market Antique Mall that make the home unique.


“One of my favorites is the bench in our bedroom. It’s from an old skating rink. You can see the notches that the blades of the skates made.”


From L.A. to K.C. From the Melrose & Fairfax Flea Market to the River Market Antique Mall. From friends and family. This highly charming and personal home reflects the energy and passion of the people who live there.


“There’s a story behind everything,” Cosgrove says, which makes it even better.


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