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A Stylish, Restful Bedroom

Former K.C. resident David Jimenez transformed a tired bedroom into a tailored space—and enjoyed every creative step along the way

Creating spaces that feel warm, layered, and collected—that’s the premise behind Jimenez and his ability to create elegant, personalized spaces. Although he no longer resides in Kansas City—Paris is now his home—his distinctive style stands as a testament to design that should be cherished and emulated.

Embracing the chance to craft an original, tailored look, he’s motivated and excited by any design challenge, which is just what he got after downsizing from a house in historic Hyde Park into a two-bedroom Sophian Plaza apartment that clearly craved attention.

“The apartment was in need of significant upgrading, the bedroom especially,” Jimenez says. “But I knew it had possibilities.”

Wanting to emphasize the room’s great features—and hide a few flaws—he got to work, painting the walls a warm gray and adding taupe, black, and white accents for contrast. The decorative molding provides a bit of Old-World charm, while a hand-blown crystal chandelier takes the sophistication up a notch. But what would you do with an “unattractive” radiator? It’s simple. Close off the corner with a tall custom-made folding screen highlighted with additional decorative molding.

Keeping in tune with the historic nature of the building, Jimenez placed a chic ’60s-style chrome and leather bench found at an antique shop in San Francisco at the foot of the bed and hung framed charcoal drawings from Christopher Filley Antiques on the walls.

But when it comes to a good night’s sleep, “little luxuries make me happy,” he says. “I love crisp, high thread-count cotton sheeting. It feels so luxe when you climb into bed.”

Why it Works

  • A relaxing and restful bedroom starts with a soothing color palette. Here, you’ll find warm grays on the walls and in the French-pleated linen drapes; a touch of taupe in the custom folding screen and reupholstered linen sofa; and black and white for a bit of contrast, found in the bedding, upholstered bed, and rug. Carrying that color scheme throughout the rest of the space via accessories enhances the overall luxury, and complementing it with contrasting colors in other details creates a “welcoming, tranquil retreat from the cares of the day,” Jimenez says.
  • “The sofa transitions the room into an unexpected venue for cocktails,” Jimenez says. And what’s better than a bedroom that doubles as a party space! “Whenever I had parties, a group unvaryingly would wind up settled on that sofa, chatting away, drinks in hand.” The sofa, a ’60s-style find from Mission Road Antique Mall that he had reupholstered in natural linen, and the upholstered bed anchor the space.
  • “It’s fundamental that your bedroom’s design be customized to your needs,” he says. “Simple touches can make any bedroom more comfortable. The goal is to look at your space differently and find a few ways to make your bedroom more enjoyable.” That’s why an intimate space comes to life when adorned with personal accessories that truly represent the homeowner. For Jimenez, he strategically placed books, artwork, and objects he loved to create his own highly customized bedroom. To punctuate the space, he brings in fresh flowers, such as white phalaenopsis, to spruce up a bedside table. “It’s always such a nice way to start the day,” he says.

Get the Look


1. Whether you’re using it to store spice or decorate a tabletop, the white ginger jar from Nell Hill’s will serve its purpose elegantly.


2. The Tapered Hex crystal table lamp by Regina Andrew Design at Rensen House of Lights matches Jimenez’s look to perfection. Its polished nickel and crystal base is a sight to behold.


3. Do what Jimenez does with these white phalaenopsis orchids from The Little Flower Shop in Westwood Hills: Set them in a large vintage champagne bucket, then cover the base with fresh green moss.


4. This decorative Golden & Pine pillow, with tribal geometric shapes and color, was locally made from vintage African mud cloth. Consider it one-of-a-kind.


5. Sink into Terrasi Living’s Signoria Firenze collection, featuring white percale with three subtle embroidery lines. Use it to impress in a guest bedroom or keep it for yourself.


6. The grid-tufted Major leather bench ottoman from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams provides convenient seating at the foot of the bed, also an ideal spot for drinking wine. (Just ask Jimenez.)