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Dani James’s Obsession

If you think elaborate trim is so ’80s, you haven’t seen a shelter magazine lately. Trim is back in a big way, and interior designer Dani James is loving it all over again

Trim today has moved beyond the simple addition of a little fringe here or a few tassels there. Many companies are taking it a step further, incorporating embellishments of all kinds that are redefining the look of trim.

“The possibilities are endless,” says designer Dani James, owner of Crossroads Interiors, about her recent obsession. “Trims allow designers a level of creativity that is both exciting and fulfilling.”

In fact, you can add it to almost any surface: pillows, drapery, upholstery and bedding, to name a few. As you can imagine, this detail runs the gamut in style choices, from hand-stitched gold beading and pearl studs to casual, white cotton embroidery in bright colors.

“You actually can design your own fabric by applying contrasting trim to achieve a striped effect or simply adding trim to the leading edge of a drapery panel as an accent,” Dani says.

But if that’s not your style, find support—and a whole lot of design capability—from the pros, such as Samuel & Sons, that showcase several examples of trims used in furniture upholstery.


This seemingly interior look has made its way outside, too, as companies want to transition the look and feel from the inside out. Think tassels, fringes, bangles, braids and cords, all durable and available in any color imaginable to the outdoor living crowd.

With spring officially here, enliven your decor by incorporating a touch of trim.