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It’s a Family Affair

Designer Annie Anderson creates a warm and welcoming home for a young family—her own

The tale of Annie and Jeffery Anderson’s Old Sagamore home is not an unusual one. Pregnant with their first baby, Annie discovered a lovingly tended Cape Cod for sale on a beloved street and quickly forgot her resolve of not needing to move. Jeffery concurred, and eight years later they and their three children are happily ensconced in this idyllic neighborhood in a home that Annie has made distinctly their own.

“We had a great house in Fairway, and this one had been on the market for a while,” she says. One of Annie’s friends who lived nearby encouraged her to look. “My grandparents lived in the neighborhood when I was growing up, so I experienced the whole thing. Family. Friends. The amazing Halloweens. I loved the idea of our children having that.” Once he was inside, Jeffery agreed.

The house was in good shape, had great light and a lot of space for their growing family. But Anderson, an interior designer, knew she would make it her own. She started by having the hardwood floors stained a deep walnut and repainting the rooms. The couple hasn’t had to add any space, and the only major project has been a facelift for the kitchen. “When we were pregnant with our youngest, we decided to make the island a little bigger, reface the cabinets, paint, add new countertops,” she says. “It just needed a little bit of a lift.”



The family room, which is just off of the kitchen, is where the children spend most of their time. The generous space with a vaulted ceiling, a fireplace and plenty of bookcases is both stylish and functional. Anderson appreciates quality fabrics, but she’s smart. The ones she’s chosen look great and wear better, essential qualities with three small children.

Family Affair

The dining room serves as library (the couple tends to entertain less formally) with a lively garden-inspired wallpaper. Anderson trimmed it with a rich, orangey strié paper to give the room additional drama and life. It’s a winning—and inexpensive—detail.


The living room was one of the last rooms to receive the couple’s full attention. “All the pieces were in here,” Anderson says. “But it hadn’t really come together. Then I came down in the middle of the night one night, and Jeffery was rearranging the furniture. He’s as into it as I am, really. Sometimes he jokes that we should open an antique store and work together.” They are good collaborators. The room, inviting with its layers of pattern, color and art, is as comfortable for as few as two or, as is more often the case, a crowd of their friends.


Climbing the stairs to the second floor is a graphic runner that Anderson found online for a song. She’s smart, as most good decorators are, about splurging when necessary and recognizing a good look at a great price when she sees it. It is a confidence that comes with taste and experience.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is a serene retreat of white, cream and beige. Still, there’s nothing dull about it. Fretwork wallpaper on the walls defines the room and provides an interesting backdrop. Anderson’s desk is also here. “I love being able to look out at the street while I work,” she says.


Hardwearing and great-looking grass-cloth wallpaper lines the hallway to the children’s rooms. Ivy’s nursery is a riot of pink and white, and while Anderson is itching to try something new, the room is feminine and fresh and suits her youngest. The older two share connecting spaces—a layout not unusual in Cape Cods. Fletcher’s room is crisp and dashing in classic navy and white. Morley’s is, fittingly, in the middle surrounded by a green and white trellis pattern. She sits at her desk and “works” as her mother does, enjoying the security of her brother nearby. “She’s loves sharing the space, actually,” confides Anderson.

Family Affair

Eight years is not a long time for a family to live in a home in Old Sagamore. Many, like Anderson’s grandparents, bring home their babies and host their grandchildren in the same house over the decades. But decorators do like new projects. “I wouldn’t want to move,” she says. “We are right where we should be.”




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