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Cloud 7 Flight Carrier
Cloud 7 Flight Carrier

Keep calm, carry-ons

My dog, Teddy, is an expert traveler. He’s quiet enough on the plane and cute enough off the plane that airport attendants usually overlook his at-the-gate antics. The only thing hampering Teddy’s jet-set game is the fact that his carrying case is chocolate and pink. Why would I subject Teddy to such feminine digs? Well, because it was the only carrier I could find the night before our very first trip together. But six years and several incidents of mistaken identity later, we both think it’s time for an upgrade. Here are five pet-carrying cases at the top of our wish list:

Sherpa Ultimate on Wheels,
$135 (medium)

at Land of Paws in Corinth Square, Briarcliff or Deer Creek

No matter how cute the pet and chic the case, your shoulder will be in need of a reprieve at some point during your travel day. This airline-approved bag boasts all the standard features plus four recessed wheels for easy rolling from gate to gate.

Cloud 7 Flight Carrier,


Berlin-based Cloud 7 designed a version of this bag for American luggage giant Tumi, so it’s a tested favorite of frequent fliers. The most unique feature pets and owners will love? The top unzips to reveal a mesh window.

Sleepypod Air,

at Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe

To ensure it fits under most airline seats, the ends of this versatile case can be compressed up to six inches if needed. Available in a range of colors (think glacier silver to robin’s egg blue), the carrier is also easily secured to rolling luggage.

Black Quilted Luxe Duffel,

at Dazzle Pawz in Leawood

One of the most stylish options we’ve seen at a most reasonable price. This tote accommodates pets up to 15 pounds, is vented on both ends and looks good on the arm of any pet parent.

500 by Gucci GC Imprimé Dog Carrier,


If cost is of no concern, go Gucci. The signature black, green and red trim exudes glamour for you while the interior cushion and adjustable leather covers on both ends guarantee comfort for Fido.