Chris Hernandez’s List

Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez

The director of the City Communications Office for K.C. shares his current must-haves

If he looks familiar, it’s because after more than 20 years as a television news journalist here in Kansas City and in cities as diverse as Amarillo and Chicago, Hernandez stepped into government communications as the director of the City Communications Office for Kansas City, M0. In his spare time (!), he serves on several area not-for-profit boards and travels. One of his favorite vacations was four months backpacking through Mexico and Central America. He found the church near Leon, Mexico where his grandparents married, hiked up volcanoes in Guatemala, toured rainforests in Costa Rica and scuba dived in Honduras.

01. The Green Lady Lounge. On a fun Saturday, I’ll start with a morning run or bike, spend the afternoon hanging out with friends or family, dinner at a favorite restaurant like Ragazza or Teocali or Carmen’s, then end up listening to jazz here.

02. Art Deco. City Hall is filled with cool Art Deco designs throughout the building. The brass doorplates are engraved with a CH for City Hall. But I pretend it’s for “Chris Hernandez.”

03. Moonshine. It’s not what you think. It’s a men’s cologne with hints of tobacco, leather, gin and black pepper. It was a gift—and I like it!

04. Paul’s omelets. Weekend brunch is usually at home after a run—my husband, Paul Monteil, is a great cook—and the omelet is different every time because he figures out which leftovers will taste best once they’re mixed in.

05. Tallia blazers. It’s fun to buy these colorful blazers, especially when they’re on sale at Halls.

06. Beaches. Almost any beach is my favorite vacation destination. We alternate between Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast and Tulum on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

07. Braided leather bracelet.  Check out my wrist. If you see something that looks like I picked it up at a market while backpacking through Guatemala, then you’ll know I’m in vacation mode. Or at least thinking about a tropical place!

08. Coffee and tea. I drink both, depending on my mood. And while purists will hate this, I sometimes mix them. I’m crazy like that.

09. Bobby Baker’s Lounge. I don’t dive very often, but when I do, you can’t beat this old-school dive bar in Waldo.

010. The Trolley Trail. My favorite place to run in Kansas City.