Simon Sebbag Designs

Get an exclusive look at Simon Sebbag’s fall collection this weekend

With an engineering background and a passion for quality jewelry, Simon Sebbag created Simon Sebbag Designs for the customer who shops with comfort in mind. Chunky, lightweight designs are a signature of Sebbag’s collections, which feature earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pins made in his family-owned factory in Israel.

The unique pieces are created using an electroforming process, where “a wax mold is created and and inserted into a computerized 925 sterling-silver bath,” according to the jewelry company’s website. The mold stays in the bath until layers of thick silver adhere to it, resulting in a light piece of jewelry that will later be hand-polished to perfection.

You can see the fall collection for yourself this Saturday at Design in the City, located at 4163 N. Mulberry Dr. in The Village at Briarcliff. At the private trunk show, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Simon’s wife, Denise, who joined Simon Sebbag Designs in 1990. You’ll also get the chance to see and purchase the one-of-a-kind pieces the company created specifically for Design in the City.