Lily Dawson Jewelry

ch_lilyjewelry4.jpg.420x700_q85_upscale Emerald Skinny Cuff Calf leather-backed Austrian crystal, faceted Czech glass beads and gemstones on brass cuff. ch_lilyjewelry2.jpg.420x700_q85_upscale Pom-Pom Necklace Austrian crystal on gold-plated chain with pom-pom trim.

Historically, jewelry hasn’t been a weakness for me. Yes, I still swoon over my engagement ring—but beyond that, I always tend to gravitate toward a chic, tailored jacket or a killer pair of stilettos over big bling.

Lily Dawson, an emerging Kansas City jewelry designer, recently shared a surprisingly similar sentiment. “I have never been a jewelry person,” says Dawson. “I have worn the same boring pearl stud earrings for the past 10 years.”

But apparently, those who don’t wear … design.

Lily Dawson Designs is a collection of handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that are both classic and unexpected. The Cluster Lariat Necklace, for example, is the kind of piece that suits my simple style—a delicate, gold-plated chain sparingly embellished with peacock pyrite and Austrian crystal. On the opposite end of the spectrum sits the Pom-Pom Necklace, a hypnotizing bundle of silver- and gold-plated chains tricked out with crystals and a purple pom-pom trim.

“I like my jewelry to match many different style personas,” explains Dawson of her collection’s carefully crafted range and accessibility. “A simplistic dresser can wear a pair of my earrings to play up their outfit, while a more boldly dressed individual may layer two or three different necklaces or bracelets for a totally different look. Accessories are moldable to every customer’s personality, and I love seeing the different ways people wear my jewelry.”

ch_lilyjewelry1.jpg.420x700_q85_upscale Cluster Lariat Necklace Peacock pyrite and Austrian crystal on a gold-plated brass chain. ch_lilyjewelry5
Half Sphere Earrings Austrian crystal on navy-blue leather.

Right now, the designer is deep into crafting her fall collection and is feeling really into geometrics and color. “I’m currently playing with those two elements and trying to incorporate more ornate, vintage-looking metals into the designs.” We can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Pieces start at $20. Available at Skyline Salon and Standard Style Boutique.