Flash of Genius

For me—a woman who averages three outfit changes before getting out the door each morning—committing to a tattoo has never been in the cards. And until recently, self-respecting adults could only rock temporary tats at tailgates or kids’ birthday parties. But a new line of jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos is changing the noncommittal ink game for good.

Available at Birdies in the Crossroads District, Flash Tattoos are designed to look like two-dimensional gold and silver jewelry and are perfect for adding a touch of bohemian glimmer to an Indian summer look.ch_0914_flash1.jpg.420x700_q85_upscale

“Flash Tattoos are such an easy and elegant way to decorate yourself,” says Peregrine Honig, who started carrying the line at Birdies last summer and has been watching customers get creative with the product ever since.

The tattoos, which last four to six days, come in a range of unique collections, each with a distinct name and design scheme. Sheebani, for example, is a henna-inspired collection (five percent of the proceeds from this grouping go to The Miracle Foundation), while Goldfish Kiss is beachy and young. “Sofia has large scales of gold that translate well to necklines,” notes Honig.

The application process is the same as the old-school models, and tattoos can be removed by soaking the skin in baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil for a minute before scrubbing (though they fade quite nicely naturally). As for where to rock your Flash Tat, all of the bracelet bands are feminine and romantic and look even better when paired with real jewelry. Honig also suggests collarbones and shoulder blades for sheer and backless garments, and the backs of legs for a sexy glint of light. “Our youngest customer, Adelade, has been wearing them on her unpierced ears.”

Sets start at $22. Available at Birdies, 116 W. 18th St.