Ron Megee’s List

The co-creator and producer of Late Night Theater shares his current must-haves

Ron Megee is a co-creator and producer of Late Night Theater with Jessica Dressler and Chadwick Brooks. He loves staging, writing and acting in the wild parody send-ups of classic TV shows and movies for which Late Night is so well-known. In his spare time, Megee assists Brooks Designs with the staging of over-the-top events for organizations, such as the Kemper Gala and Bloom, the Kansas City Care Clinic’s annual fundraiser. Other than that, you’ll find him in his 1884 Victorian home with his husband, fashion designer Jon Fulton Adams, and their two dogs, Oliver and Dorian, and rabbit, Lord Byron.

01. Blue Collar Antiques and Wonderland. For one-of-a-kind items for the home, I love this place at 19th and Charlotte. Such great antiques with masculine aesthetics. And for vintage clothing, I pick Wonderland in Westport. They run the gamut from ’20s to ’90s clothing. You cannot lose.

02. Grilled Beef Banh Mi sandwich and Café SuDa. My favorite comfort food is the sandwich at IPho Tower on Independence Ave. It can get me out of a slump and into a creative spell moments from the first bite. Also the Café SuDa (a great coffee drink with condensed milk) will make me wired for hours.

03. The Moscow Mule at McCoys. Hands down, my favorite cocktail. A cold copper cup and real ginger beer! Come on! This is the best. And it doesn’t hurt that they use real lime juice and premium vodka. OK, I need one now.

04. Exploring Kansas City. I find a great way to spend a day in K.C. is by starting at The Roasterie on Southwest Blvd., exploring River Market Antiques for fun items and props for shows, eating Mexican food at Taqueria Mexico with friends, and finishing up with a few estate sales for kicks.

05. Sauvage by Dior. Besides my signature mix from Perfect Scents—Pear and Peony—I really dig this. It makes me feel manly.

06. Vintage Taxidermy. I love finding old, beat up taxidermy for the Manse. I find the vintage pieces enduring and full of personality. They just need a good home. And names.

07. Bernal Koehrsen. Our city rocks with great artists, but this one jumps out at me. His high-resin pieces are ethereal, soulful works of art! We have two of his paintings in our crumbling Victorian.

08. Ascots and Scarves. My signature. I feel complete with a scarf around my neck, even though I’ve been called Mr. Furley from Three’s Company. I hold my neck up proud.

09. Dinner Parties. I love to entertain. Small, intimate dinner parties make me so happy. Now do not get me wrong. I have been know to throw large soirées with a five-course meal from The Titanic cookbook, but nothing beats making up a couple of courses, mixing a fun cocktail and enjoying the company of friends. P.S. My signature dish is tomato aspic. It is a conversation starter.