Christian Micheal Shuster’s List

The Kansas City designer shares his current must-haves

Kansas City native Christian Micheal Shuster is a self-taught designer who discovered his love for fashion as a child. For the past eight years, beginning with men’s ties and expanding into a full menswear collection, he has focused on intricate design with a high level of craftsmanship. His collections have been featured on the runways of Kansas City Fashion Week, Omaha Fashion Week and Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. He’ll be launching his sHe collection for women for the fall/winter 2017 season.

01. A double scoop of Murray’s Mint Chip ice cream in a white chocolate-dipped waffle cone. By far the best ice cream and the only place I can find a waffle cone dipped in white chocolate. I’m a white chocolate nut.

02. The fur-collared black quilted overcoat from my last collection. My favorite because it was the last piece I made and it was a construction nightmare. So worth it!

03. Claussen dill pickles. My go-to quick snack. My grandmother always had pickles in her kitchen. She nourished my love of pickles.

04. Axe Body spray. It’s a bit funny to say, but I’ve worn it for years. It’s cheap and gets me compliments all the time.

05. Sailor Jerry rum and coke. I order it pretty much anyplace I go, but Harry’s in Westport is my longtime go-to joint.

06. Matt Baldwin. An inspiration in business. He’s a great guy and he’s built a menswear fashion empire like I hope to one day also achieve. My favorite designer as an inspiration for design and creativity is the late Alexander McQueen. He always pushed the envelope.

07. American Civil War. When I can find time to read, it’s only non-fiction. I’m a huge history nerd.

08. Coffee, any coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Venti Vanilla Latte from Starbucks but I can be just as happy with a cup of straight-up black, gas-station coffee.

09. Colorado. Skiing, rafting, hiking or camping, I’m down for it all.

10. My premiere women’s collection. From the beginning I’ve been devoted to menswear and menswear only. But this last year I had a change of heart. In all honesty, as an artist if I’m not pushing myself to do and try new things then what’s the point.