Kylie Brewer’s List

Kylie Brewer
Kylie Brewer

The Kansas City native shares a few of her favorite things, from foundation to wallpaper

Kylie Brewer knows all about renovating houses. She has, after all, followed in the footsteps of her father, Jim Scovell, and now works full-time at Scovell, Wolfe & Associates. She and her husband, John, have remodeled two homes in Kansas City for their family (Annie, age 5, and Quig, age 3, with another boy on the way), and are now on their third renovation. It’s in her childhood neighborhood of Old Sagamore, just a few doors down from the home in which she was raised. Follow her blog posts about her favorite projects at

01. MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. It’s the only foundation I’ve ever worn. Why mess with a good thing? But I have grown up a bit since my high school days of wearing it and started using their Duo Fibre brush to apply it.

02. Charles and Charles Rosé wine. We keep a bottle of this in our fridge all summer long and we might just keep one in there through winter, too.

03. BDG denim leggings and a Gap linen V-neck top. Admittedly, I wear this combo just about every day of the week! I throw on different scarves to appear halfway fancy. But this is my go-to. I’m pregnant with our third and hate maternity shirts, so I just keep buying bigger sizes of Gap’s linen tee!

04. KitchenAid Dual Fuel Pro Range. There are no gimmicks with this range. It’s just plain classy—and it works beautifully.

05. Rm 39’s Smoked Salmon Scramble. It’s the perfect breakfast at the most charming restaurant in the liveliest part of town.

06. Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. My mother has worn Oscar my entire life. And now when we’re at my parents’ house, I catch my 5-year-old daughter sneaking into my mother’s closet to spray some on herself! Looks like the love of that scent is three generations strong.

07. Wallpaper. I’m so into wallpaper right now. It’s all over my Pinterest boards. (And I wish it were all over every room in my house!) From Pierre Frey to Phillip Jeffries, I go weak in the knees for some good wallpaper.

08. Trapp and Company. This store is way more than a floral shop. How the shop itself is decorated is a treat all on its own, with unique furniture and great home accessories. I always leave totally inspired, with an empty wallet and a lot of explaining to do with my husband.

09. Vintage Marcel Breuer Wassily chairs. I don’t even know if they’re knock offs or the real thing, but I found a pair of them at an antique mall years ago, and they’re what I’d grab if my house was in flames!