Item of the Week

Whether you’re sipping it bedside while reading your morning emails or pouring a glass the minute you start your day, coffee is likely a big part of your daily routine. And you’re not alone.

Graphic tees boast “But first, coffee” and loyal drinkers post pictures of their chosen concoction on Instagram for their followers to see. To some, it’s more than just a caffeinated beverage — it’s a necessity.

Which is why it should be consumed from a stylish, quirky mug made right here in Kansas City.

Easy, Tiger founders Melanie Bridges and Mike Sayre recently expanded their greeting card business to include glassware, which they designed and had made by local vendors. The line includes cocktail glasses, champagne flutes and coffee mugs with fun phrases in gold foil.

Our favorite item is the “Hot Stuff” mug, which, depending on your outlook, can apply to the morning brew or the person drinking it. We’ll let you decide. Either way, it’s a fun diversion from your average cup.

The porcelain mug retails for $12 and can be stacked on top of other mugs in the company’s inventory, including the “Mug Life” or “Coffee Snob” versions. To see what else Easy, Tiger has to offer, click here.