Hadley Clark’s List

Artist Hadley Clark
Artist Hadley Clark

The Kansas City artist shares her current must-haves

Before Hadley Clark opened her own studio tucked between Birdie’s and Peggy Noland’s shop in the Crossroads, she was living and creating in Paris, where she was named Parsons Paris Designer of the Year in 2010. Lately, Clark has been creating garments from leftover materials other artists deem unusable. The collages, as she calls them, are a reflection of her fondness for an “undone” aesthetic.

01. Starbucks Grande Iced Americano. After spending 5-plus years traveling for work, it’s nice to have one thing every day that makes you feel grounded, and mine is that constant cold espresso taste.

02. My dyed-silk organza motorcycle jacket. It has hand-cut silk velvet flowers placed throughout. I have been wanting to make a sheer/structured moto jacket for a few years and I was lucky enough to have Jocelyn Himes, an incredible textile designer and friend, gift me pounds of beautiful material before she moved to Pennsylvania.

03. Odeme Nail Polish. Cassavetes is my favorite color right now. I love this brand as the polish is free of toxic chemicals.

04. Unbakery & Juicery. I love their charcoal vegan nice cream with Italian-style espresso. I can’t eat ice cream so finding an amazing alternative is a big score for me!

05. Martin Margiela circa 1990s. His design work and how he built his business is still a constant source of inspiration. The way he challenges garment construction and fashion branding have mentored me through my time in my shop in Kansas City.

06. Lilas Perfumes “When You Sleep.” Amber Hodgson is a great friend who created this conceptual scent. As the heat of your body interacts with the perfume it projects the scent at a quiet pitch for an intimate and secret experience.

07. Harry J. Epstein Co. My favorite place for art/design supplies in Kansas City is in downtown Kansas City. It’s family owned and has been around for over 80 years. You can find anything from a beautiful, French opinel knife to glass urinals from the turn of the century.

08. A dirty vodka martini (2 olives) from Grunauer in the Freight House. It’s my go-to cocktail. The bartenders at Grunauer are excellent with no ego or flair.

09. Speak Salon in the Crossroads. I love having my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed here. It’s temporary, so I’ve been able to try multiple colors this year, such as deep purple, auburn, and I just had them colored a dark brown for fall.