Decided by Fate

Inside a romantic summer wedding in downtown Kansas City

In February of 2014, Sarah Garber met her future husband, who happened to be her neighbor’s brother, while living in West Palm Beach. Mike Dingle was visiting his sister when Garber’s yellow lab wandered over, introducing the two.

“His version is that he was in love with me at first sight,” Sarah says. “Mine was that I didn’t know he was interested—he lived in Kansas City.”

The more Mike visited his sister, the more he and Sarah got to know each other and developed a long-distance friendship. It wasn’t until April 2016, when Mike invited Sarah on a weekend trip to the Kentucky Derby, that the two began dating.

“We knew,” Sarah says. “He told me that weekend—and neither of us are like this—but he told me he loved me and that he was going to spend the rest of his life with me. It really was ‘when you know, you know.’”

That year, an October trip to Turks and Caicos provided the setting for Mike’s romantic proposal, much to Sarah’s surprise.

“We got to the airport, got checked into the hotel and had champagne waiting for us on the deck,” Sarah says. “He went inside to get the ring, and when he came out he was in tears. It was adorable.”

Mike got down on one knee and said his piece, and the couple celebrated at dinner with the resort’s bartenders and servers.

“I was very happy, and obviously ecstatic,” Sarah says. “Honestly, I was just at peace. For us, there’s just this calmness that sweeps over in the big moments.”

Although Sarah and Mike had originally talked about traveling back to the Turks and Caicos to get married in front of a small group, Sarah began to second-guess the plan.

“I started feeling that I wanted to be able to share our marriage with our loved ones, and that I would regret it if we didn’t,” Sarah says.

So she suggested they tie the knot in Kansas City, where she had moved to start a life with Mike after they got engaged. And when the Brass on Baltimore had an opening on the date Sarah had a premonition about, the planning began.


“It sounds silly, but for us it was like, ‘This is pretty cool,’” Sarah says. “Oddly, eerily cool.”


So on July 15, the couple’s guests were treated to a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, including a bourbon tasting from J. Rieger. Guests were then seated before Sarah walked down the aisle in an elegant Amsale dress, surrounded by friends, family and an unexpected element—birchwood trees.



“I wanted to bring in an outdoor, romantic, elegant scene,” Sarah says. “It was breathtaking and beautiful.”

The white, gold and cream color palette of the reception was accented with blue hues from the vintage glassware at each table setting, along with hints of blush in the floral arrangements and greenery from fresh boxwood.



And although the duo’s wedding day went off without a hitch, it was the culmination of the rehearsal dinner, day-of festivities and day-after Royals game that kicked off their committment on a high note.



“For us, it wasn’t just Saturday—it was the entire weekend that went perfectly,” Sarah says. “We couldn’t be happier.”