Cuckoo for Coco Brookside

The new Kansas City boutique carries fresh, modern designs for every woman

Dark floors, white walls, and vintage-y rugs set the vibe at Coco Brookside. Spend a few minutes there and you’ll quickly see they’re as passionate about beautiful interiors and clothing as they are about creating an inclusive, welcoming community. The shop carries fresh, modern designs in current color palettes that range from sizes extra-small to 3X and average around $40.

“We want every woman to feel amazing in her own skin, wherever she is on her journey,” says owner Abby Flores, who opened the shop in East Brookside this spring. Weeks later, it suffered from the fire at nearby Plate restaurant and was forced to close. While rebuilding takes place, Coco popped up in Brookside and the West Bottoms before settling in their new temporary home in Waldo. Here, Flores and store manager Abi Wagner share more about Coco.

What’s in store

“I keep to a pretty specific color palette—blush was a favorite this summer—and find styles for the minimalist, the pattern lover, and the trend lover. I curate an assortment to cover everything from a mother-of-the-bride dress, which happened this summer—such an honor—to the perfect comfy it’s-errands-day shirt. And we have amazing denim, priced at $39, that has flown off the shelves. In addition to clothing, we have housewares, body care, accessories, and other fun surprises mixed in.”  – Abby Flores

How it happened

“I’ve been fashion obsessed for as long as I can remember. My mom tells a story of me carrying my purse around as I learned to walk. So, the thought has always been in the back of my mind. One dreary afternoon in late 2016 that inkling awoke and the vision of Coco quickly came together on a mood board.”  – AF

Abi Wagner, left, and Abby Flores.

Dream team

“I approached Abi to manage the shop, knowing her wit, compassion, and eye for detail was exactly what I wanted for my customers. Our visions were closely aligned and our goals were refined: style, community, empowerment. I typed up some job titles for myself and Abi initially meant in jest, but they so perfectly summed up our skill sets we still use them: Abi Wagner, manager, enabler, empowerment queen, and Abby Flores, owner, operator, style obsessed.”  – AF

The price is right

“I wanted to keep price points as accessible as possible. When shopping, there’s nothing more fun than finding that perfect purse or top and then checking the price tag to realize it’s not only in your budget, but you have enough left to buy a few other pieces.” – AF

Coming this fall

“So many sweaters. Plus, jackets, coats, holiday dresses. We have some faux fur coats landing that are especially amazing. I’m so texture obsessed, all things fall-winter make my heart sing.”  – AF

Class action

“Weaving with Whisker Row was our first in-shop class. It’s what we want our community to be. It’s about turning those small interactions into lasting relationships.” –Abi Wagner

Instant success

“People get really excited they can shop with all their friends. So often I’ve heard the phrase, ‘this area needed a place just like this.’” –AW

Up next

“Waldo has welcomed us with open arms. We plan to go home though, back to Brookside, when repairs are complete.”  –AW