Destined to Be

Inside a classic wedding at Kansas City’s Loose Mansion

Hayley Doll’s first impression of David Rehberger is that he was good looking—and that was just from a profile picture. But thanks to a detailed questionnaire from an online dating site they both belonged to, Doll knew the two had a lot in common.

“We had a lot of similar views on things and we were both pretty active,” Doll says.

After they chatted online, Doll and Rehberger decided to meet in person for their first date in Leawood.

“I think we clicked really well,” Doll says of their initial chemistry. “I thought he was really handsome and I loved his shoes.”

About a year and a half later, Rehberger made dinner reservations at Bristol, where the couple shared their first date, and reserved the same table where the two first sat in July of 2015.

After dinner and drinks, Doll’s soon-to-be husband suggested they stop at his house before making any plans for the rest of the evening.

“We got to his house, and I was getting out of the car when he said ‘I’m going to go check the mail,’” Doll says.

So she walked into the house, only to find a trail of votive candles leading to the basement where Rehberger was secretly waiting for her. With the fireplace going, Doll received the surprise of her life when her then-boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

“I had no idea, because I thought maybe it would happen over the holidays,” Doll says. “I don’t even remember what he said—I was just so excited.”

And while the duo took their time dating, they were more than ready to tie the knot—so much so that they set a date for April 21, about three months after they got engaged.

“People were like, ‘I have no idea how you’re going to do this so quickly,’ but I never got stressed,” Doll says. “It was fun.”

The couple’s traditional nature led them to pick Loose Mansion as the venue for their ceremony and reception, where the event was accented with touches of gold, pink, and ruby red flowers from Wild Hill Flowers and Events.

A memorable moment for Doll was when she and her new husband stepped on the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.

“Our first dance was to Say Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra,” Doll says. “David used to sing that to me all the time when we were dating, so I thought it was special.”

From the setting to the support from family and friends, Doll looks back on her wedding day with nothing but elation.

“I was so happy with everything,” Doll says. “Everything turned out exactly how I envisioned it.”