Jane Signorelli’s List

Jane Signorelli
Jane Signorelli

The local jewelry designer shares her current must-haves

Jane Signorelli is a firm believer in finding your path. After working 25 years in retail, including in the jewelry department at Kansas City’s Saks Fifth Avenue department store, she branched out with her own line. Signorelli had been an avid collector of African artifacts and began assembling them into necklaces that she would wear to work. Clients would be as interested in what she was wearing as what she was showing them, so her second career was born. “I was so naïve in the beginning,” Signorelli says, “I would just knot it in the back.” Her jewelry has been featured at Saks stores nationwide, at shows in Santa Fe and San Francisco, and is available locally at EJ’s Boutique and Webster House.

01.    Trippen Shoes. My fun, cozy shoes are the basis for my weekend look. I’ll pair them with leggings and a fun, layered linen look in the summer or a long sweater in the winter.

02.    My ammonite and warthog tusk necklace. I love the texture of the horn and the oxidized hammered chain. The ammonite is reversible; one side is natural and rough, the other is a polished rust and green that totally changes the look. It has a very organic feel to it.

03.    Summit Grill. My favorite neighborhood restaurant. The salmon with lemon butter melts in your mouth. Everything I’ve ordered is consistently good, the staff is friendly and it’s lots of fun.

04.    Sisley Eau du Soir. I don’t like flowery perfume; this is a bit more on the masculine side. I get compliments whenever I wear it.

05.    Homeland. My husband, Ron, and I are binge-watching this right now. I don’t know how we missed five seasons.

06.    Fossils. I like to mix them with stones in my jewelry and sometimes add a little sparkle with a faceted semi-precious stone. Organic to elegant. There’s such energy in those pieces.

07.    Dr. David Kaplan’s Vitamin C serum. My go-to to keep those nasty wrinkles at bay. I get mine from my friend and hairdresser, Julie Horton at The Studio of JH Design.

08.    Heirloom Bakery & Hearth. It has great coffee, atmosphere and delicious baked goods. Yummy!

09.    Large-breed dogs. We have two Newfoundlands and a Pyrenees, and now we’ve adopted a rare breed called a Pyrenean mastiff. He’s beautiful, calm, kind, loyal and really, really smart. In the late 1970s there were only 250 left in the world, so we loved the story of bringing this amazing breed back from the brink of extinction. We also have a large orange rescue cat. At this house the more the merrier.