Jason Grill’s List

The founder of JGrill Media and co-founder of School of Sock shares his current must-haves

01. William Cheng & Son. The best suits I have ever owned. I met Mr. Cheng in Hong Kong in 2009. If you want a great custom shirt and suit, this is the place. And they send me a Christmas card every year!

02. Gram and Dun patio. For happy hour, it can’t be beat. In the fall, I’ll be drinking a Guinness. In the spring and summer, a refreshing Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler. With a Royals game on, I’m good to go.

03. Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette. One word: Fresh.

04. Running. I’ve set a goal to run three marathons over three years. So far I’ve run the St. George, Utah marathon in 2016, and the L.A. marathon in 2017. One more to go. In K.C., if I’m doing a longer run I love running from downtown to the Plaza then jumping on the Trolley Trail to Waldo and back. Great run.

05.  Coke Zero. You’ll always find it in my refrigerator. Good taste and a great caffeine pick-me-up. Who doesn’t like a Coke?

06. Hot chocolate. I’m not a big coffee or tea drinker. If it’s a cold day, I prefer a nice, warm hot chocolate. The Filling Station in Westport does it right. Flavor and temperature are spot on.

07. School of Sock. I co-founded K.C.’s own Sock 101, now known as School of Sock. I’m a stripes or dots kind of guy. Keep it simple with a splash of color.

08. Big Sur, California. My favorite place to get away from the work grind and clear the mind. If you haven’t driven through Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway, do it. You won’t regret it.

09. Jax on the Plaza. I prefer seafood to steak. (Rare for someone from K.C., I know.) Salmon is always a go-to. I could live off great seafood.