Melanie Bolin’s List

Melanie Bolin
Melanie Bolin

The co-founder of Mer-Sea shares her current must-haves

A stint on the West Coast to work in advertising introduced Bolin to the wonders of living seaside. But a marriage to a Kansas City native (she met her husband, Patrick, on their first day of classes at SMU), and a move to his hometown meant leaving coastal living behind. She founded Mer-Sea with two friends who wanted to make products based on that common love of the sea. “We set out to capture that essence of peace, tranquility and happiness through scent, color and texture,” Bolin says. They started with candles—their favorite go-to gift. Now their products are available throughout the U.S. at Anthropologie and other retail shops. “‘Mer’ means ‘sea’ in French and phonetically sounds exactly how we feel—thankful,” she says.

01. Aixois’ Croque Madame with a side of pomme frites. My favorite sandwich at my favorite restaurant. I love the bistro ambiance inside and the café feeling outside, and every single dish is delish! I always take my out-of-town guests here first.

02. J Crew white shirt, Banana Republic jeans, Vince sneakers. With this outfit I can toss on a navy jacket or a sweater or a scarf and be ready to leave on a plane and hit the streets, go to a restaurant or set off to a meeting.

03. Mer-Sea Sun Kissed scent. Not our best seller but it is musky and complex to me. I refer to it as a salty citrus, but the citrus is very, very subtle. I still can’t figure out why it’s not everyone’s favorite.

04.Del Mar, California. Stunning light in the evening; it’s the perfect beach setting for my family. My two kids love it, so that makes it extra special.

05.  My Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, nor do I own much, but I’m never without this watch my husband gave me when I had our daughter 17 years ago. It’s a men’s watch in stainless steel. He knows me so well; I wear it 24/7.

06. Red sangria. I love a glass of this from the Tavern in the Village with my husband and our friends. Many times we end up there and it’s usually a long evening filled with fun and relaxed conversation.

07. Bodum French Press. I was given this as a college graduation gift from my mother. I love the way it looks—classic Bodum. I love the process of making it, and I love the taste, always.

08. Mer-Sea’s Coconut and Seawater facial mist. We are focusing more on beauty, and this mist is full of sea minerals, aloe vera and coconut water, which makes it very hydrating and refreshing.

09. Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask. I don’t do lots of makeup, but I’ve become a fanatic for facial sheet masks. It means I have to take 20 minutes to lie down and relax. Whether they actually do something for my skin or not is beside the point. I feel refreshed, which for me is the best makeup.