Intentionally Eclectic

When creative homeowners combine their love of architecture and interior design, wonderful living happens

Lucky for Kanon and Rachael Cozad, they share a similar aesthetic.

Deciding to work with the existing crown molding and textured celadon wallcovering, Rachael, a private art dealer and fine art appraiser, and Kanon, a technology executive, sprinkled the space with pieces that tell their story—and look good doing so.

“We like to mix eras, pieces, colors and art,” Kanon says. “One of my favorite rooms, the living room incorporates all the elements that Rachael and I try to pull together in every room and represents who we are as a couple.”

Take the chartreuse midcentury modern leather chairs in the corner, for example. Formerly owned by Rachael’s grandparents, she had them reupholstered in their original color. The Italian chaise longue came over with Kanon, but he sought out the ultra-suede L-shaped sofa and LC1 cowhide chairs, which remind him of his childhood and the family’s cattle ranch. In the center of this eclectic room is an Ed Blackburn painting that they designed the entire room around. Painted by Rachael’s father, it’s from the early ’80s, depicting Dean Martin and Inger Stevens in the film 5 Card Stud.

Every piece in this room is not only pretty but comfortable, too. And they have to be, as it’s dubbed a great party space, designed for conversation, reading and (lots of) wine.

Why it Works

1. They say if you design a space you love, it will never go out of style. The best rooms are the ones that truly represent their owners, reflect their personalities and provide a reason behind it all. The Cozads’ living room displays elements that are important to them—and it shows in the way the eclectic furniture is displayed and how they passionately talk about their own space and each purposeful detail in it. Even the potted plants, which are thriving thanks to Rachael’s “significant green thumb,” as Kanon points out, were brought in to scale down the 11-foot ceiling. Plus, they loved the thought of bringing a little of the outside into their built environment.

2. There’s no denying that each piece of furniture is aesthetically pleasing on its own. That includes the iconic Artemide floor lamp and Knoll aluminum side table, with a custom Berber rug. Whether it’s an heirloom or a new midcentury modern-inspired piece that Kanon had always wanted, there’s a consistent design thread that tells a compelling story—and it all works together in eclectic harmony.

3. Despite the midcentury modern pieces, which can sometimes read as cold or sterile, it’s a very friendly and inviting room. “Good design should be approachable and happy, with complementary palettes and patterns,” Kanon says. “It’s a room that draws people in rather than leaving them just looking at it.” We couldn’t agree more.

Get the Look

GetTheLook1. Paintings, such as Slumber by Dean Kube at Weinberger Fine Art, work well in this inviting space.

2. The lightweight Cassina’s Sling chair in cowhide, at Museo, is one of Kanon Cozad’s favorite pieces. And it’s comfortable, too.

3. The wood and metal Glam Cage from At Home is a sturdy, stylish accent table that doesn’t obstruct room views.

4. Though not Berber, this hand-loomed silver Shine rug from West Elm radiates all on its own.

5. This swivel chair from House of Denmark will energetically accent any corner at home.

6. Sit back and relax in chic, Italian style in a chaise from Retro Inferno.

7. Marrying sleek design with engineering, the Artemide floor lamp from Museo is highly versatile with an articulated, adjustable arm and pivoting shade.