This midcentury Briarcliff home has a dining room with a retro Hollywood vibe

When Jake Patton and Trey Morgan were renovating their midcentury home in Briarcliff, the house had a lot of interesting elements they wanted to preserve.

“It had an old-school retro Hollywood vibe when we walked through the door,” Morgan said.

In the dining room, that “Hollywood” vibe included a large built-in breakfront credenza painted black with gold trim. At first, they did not think they would keep the color. It would at least get updated with a fresh coat of paint.

As the rest of the house took shape, the original look of the 9-foot high credenza began to grow on them. They took out old fabric that covered metal grates, restored the grates and put a clear-coat over the original finish to preserve it.

“It was a piece that we loved we loved it as soon as we saw it. It wasn’t until later that the color began to work,” Morgan said.

The rest of the room came together with gold accents and a retro-modern look to accent the credenza. Gold pulls, gold trim on the chairs and light-fixture bring out the original look of the build-in breakfront. The brown touches on a darkened wooden floor, barrel wood table and art pedestal give the room a woodsy, natural feel despite a general black and white color scheme. The final effect is comfortable, but not too casual, since this is the only formal eating space in the home.

Patton and Morgan added some personal touches, like a deer head that was Morgan’s first hunting trophy. The Native American statue belonged to Patton’s grandfather. Both pieces helped accent a heavily treed natural element outside the space, which is visible through the room’s large window.

 “The room feels glamorous, exciting and interesting,” Morgan said, “but not too stuffy.”

Why it works:

Retro chairs: New chairs inspired by older modern style chairs that could have been original to the home. The shape is comfortable, but offers cool modern feel with a gold accent that helps bring out the trim on the credenza.

Pedestal for art: Morgan wanted to showcase the art piece to personalize the space. A pedestal rather than a table for display makes the art really pop out. “One a table the piece can get lost. The pedestal is definitely more of a showcase,” Morgan said. The books were added for height and color.

Sheers on the windows: The dining room window affords a skyline view of downtown Kansas City. The sheers help maximize the view, but also provide relief from the sun as privacy in the evening hour. Patton made the cornice board valance over the window and Morgan covered it with a fabric they liked.

Boldly designed rug: The rug makes a bold statement with a contrasting design that draws the eye. It helps give the room a Southwestern feel and does double duty hiding imperfect floors that were originally covered with wall-to-wall blue carpet.

White (but not too white) walls: The walls are covered in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint. The color feels airy, but not too stark or gray.