Designer Katy Sullivan shares her recent obsession

Resimmercial design, the crossover between residential and commercial design, is transforming office space. Just as the home’s exterior imitates an interior look and feel, the corporate workplace, in some industries, is starting to resemble a stylish living room.

“Our worlds are colliding from home to office,” says Katy Sullivan, a workplace consultant at Scott Rice. “Offices all over the world are undergoing huge makeovers to please a wide range of ages, as there are more generations in the workplace than ever before.”

Today’s job seekers crave co-working spaces to “get the sense of community and organic collaboration,” she adds, hence the shift from drab, confined cubes to informal, inspired workspaces.

Katy Sullivan

In a resimmercial-designed space, the cubicle farm is cut from the equation, leaving space for a lounge area, game room, gym, café and outdoor area. Within each authentic, open space, comfort abounds in vibrant colors and patterns, varied textures, and soft textiles, replacing conventional furniture pieces. Indoor/outdoor fabric, with its cost-effective, durable and stylish options, has migrated from home to the office, too.

Scott Rice, an inventive office design company, is partnering with Steelcase, a commercial furniture manufacturer, to create this fresh perspective of the workplace. For Sullivan, the partnership allows her to also embrace her residential background to improve the way the office looks and works.

“My residential clients kept asking me to design their private offices, lobbies, and other fun common areas,” she says. “Once I started to dig into commercial products, I noticed they had great warranties, tons of customization and, at times, better price points. Now, I can deliver an entire story, from task to swivel chairs, desks to dining tables and file cabinets to sleek bookcases.”