Jason Duke’s must-have list

Kanso owner Jason Duke
Kanso owner Jason Duke

Born in Reclife, Brazil, Jason Duke spent his formative years in northern Iowa before moving to Kansas City with his spouse eight years ago. After the pair remodeled their Prairie Village home, they were inspired to open Kanso, a home goods shop dedicated to minimal Japanese and Scandinavian design. The shop will open May 4 for First Friday weekend in the Crossroads Arts District’s Alley Shops.

01. iPhone X. I’m able to run Kanso’s entire e-commerce store from my phone, which is pretty fantastic.

02. Rock climbing. It’s very therapeutic for me. It’s a great full-body workout, but there’s also a significant amount of strategy that goes into it.

03. Kinto coffee carafe. I’m a creature of habit and love the ritual it brings to my morning. With a 4-year-old in our home, I look forward to my cup of coffee before our home comes to life.

04. Aicok slow-juicer. When my daughter wakes up, she loves to put the fruit and vegetables in the juicer for breakfast.

05. Blinkist. With so much content constantly being created, it’s hard to dive into every book on my list. Blinkist enables me to get the main points of the book in 20 minutes or so.

06. Novel. Its cozy ambiance, paired with an attentive staff and thoroughly prepared food makes it our favorite restaurant. Their scallops, homemade bread and crispy eggs are all must-haves.

07. My Skagen watch. It was a gift for my 30th birthday. It’s elegant, minimalist, well-made, affordable and pairs perfectly with my wardrobe.

08. Normann Copenhagen. It’s a brand we’re introducing later this year. They produce fantastic, well-designed objects and furniture, and Kanso will be one of their few retailers in the states.

09. Made in KC Café Cereal Milk. My daughter loves it so much that it’s now a Saturday morning tradition for us.

10. Portland, Maine. The food scene and landscape are incredible, and the people are Midwest-nice.