It’s Never Too Late

As they left their stall in River Market Antiques one Sunday, Felecia Morris and her father saw a “for lease” sign in the window across the street. After nearly three decades in the legal field, Morris turned to her father and told him that it was time to take her interior design side business and turn it into a full-time enterprise. “My mom should have been a designer. Her mom should have been a designer, too,” she says. If only they had taken the leap.

Now Morris’ business has a fully-fledged brick-and-mortar location that can fit items that would have taken up her and her father’s entire stall in years prior. The showroom at Iris Interiors, which has been open since August 4, contains an eclectic mix of new and vintage pieces ranging from vast pre-Victorian beds to modern pieces from cutting-edge brands like Good Thing and Curate. Beyond retail, Iris offers a full range of design services, including color consultation, staging, remodeling, upholstering and more.

Morris demonstrates that it’s never too late to do what you love, and wants to help people love their homes as much as she does. “It doesn’t matter the price,” she says. “Everybody should have a space they love to live in.”