Mary Schulte’s Obsession

Designer Mary Schulte
Designer Mary Schulte

The interior designer shares her favorite current design trend

Much of what we see in home decor is a direct reflection of what’s trending in fashion design. Though the recent obsession of the owner of Open Home by Mary Schulte isn’t hot off the runway it’s one that has sustained its worth for centuries.

A ceremonial feather headdress worn by royal dancers of the Bamileke tribe, the Juju hat is rooted in Cameroon tradition. Symbolizing prosperity and beauty, the hats transitioned to home decor only a few years ago.

“I first saw one in a boutique hotel in New York, then I began to spot them on social media, so when I opened my shop, they were one of the first decor items I chose to carry,” Schulte says.


Offering up color, texture and vibrancy, Juju hats, ranging from traditional to contemporary in style, come folded in a cylinder and add an “organic touch to any room,” she says, including a covered outdoor area. Made of feathers on a woven-grass base, each piece is lightweight and easy to install. So, if you’re looking to adorn your walls with something a little more dramatic, hang up a hat in purple, bright red, orange or fuchsia or keep it classic with neutrals, black or white.

“They are beautiful in groups or as a single statement in a small space,” Schulte says. “The possibilities are only limited by the amount of space you have.”

Open Home carries Juju hats in two sizes: 29 inches for $400 or 20 inches for $250