Michelle Ford’s Obsession

The local interior designer shares what element she can’t get enough of

According to interior designer Michelle Ford, metal furnishings still are known for their chill vibe but in a hip, modern way, delivering substance and quality when placed in a space.

The modern aesthetic with its clean-lined look continues to garner attention and transition interiors. And metals—brass, bronze, gold, chrome—are the driving force behind it all.

“The use of metal in residential and commercial design is nothing new, but it seems we are seeing much more of it in beautiful, creative ways,” says local interior designer Michelle Ford.

“Modern metal-framed furniture can give a room the feeling of glamour, especially if it has a reflective surface.”

No matter your metal preference, modern furnishings bring an uncluttered, classic look to the table (pun intended). Many come in organic or geometric shapes, some with a trendy retro vibe. To spice it up, pair a metal frame with stone, acrylic, wood, or glass. But how, you ask? Put a metal-framed couch—in neutral or leather upholstery—with a natural fiber area rug, stone accessories, an acrylic accent chair, wood side table, or a glass lamp.

The Ellis stool by Arteriors.

But when you’re incorporating modern metals into the mix, do it carefully, as it doesn’t mesh well with everything, Ford warns, “and keep in mind the basic principles of design: unity, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale/proportion and details.”

Ford suggests trying out the Elis stool by Arteriors, with a brass frame and a woven suede seat, or the sculptural candle holder from Williams Sonoma Home, available in brass or chrome. In the bathroom or kitchen, invest in quality chrome fixtures (a personal favorite of hers) for timeless appeal.