Lauren McCroskey’s Obsession

The interior designer shares the design element she can’t get enough of

For interior designer Laura McCroskey, you’d be hard-pressed to find a design element she loves more than the modern daybed.

“They’re stylish, fantastic, and comfortable,” she says. “We try to use a daybed wherever it makes design sense, replacing your typical pair of chairs.”

Though the concept is ancient, Madame Juliette Récamier, the 18th-century “darling of Europe,” made famous the style that’s immortalized in her portrait by Jacques–Louis David. Today’s daybeds run the gamut from classic to ultra-contemporary.

“Use subtle patterns and neutral fabrics for such a big piece, and pair it with really fun pillows,” McCroskey suggests. “Velvet works great on daybeds, traditional and modern, and can fit within any style. Daybeds definitely will set the tone in a room.”

More practical than a bench and more versatile than a sofa, daybeds offer optimum comfort, won’t block window views, and can accommodate seating on either side. A great addition to your main sofa in the living room or hearth room, it welcomes close conversation. Position one in the middle of an open concept to divide a room or curl up for some light reading or an afternoon cat nap. It’s a good thing they’re durable because kids also love them. Pets, too.

“They’re more unique than a sofa,” McCroskey says. “That’s why I love them so much.”

While settling into your vacation home this summer, look into updating it with a daybed. Throw a linen slipcover over one at the beach, or use it as additional sleeping quarters for guests at the lake.